Worlds and Oysters


I haven’t been out of the country since my fabu trip to Iceland in 2010. Then I went broke. Then my passport expired.

No money? Makes it hard to travel. No passport? Makes it impossible.

My mom’s been bugging me to get it renewed since the day it expired since most of her family lives in Canada and England. Y’know. Just in case. My Christmas gift from my parents this past year? Paying to renew my passport.

It arrived yesterday!

Bonus? I’m not broke anymore.

Bigger Bonus? I’m about to get laid off. And that means: TIME!

I had dinner with my friend Jon last week. He and his wife are those kind of people who are just magnets for awesome folks….because THEY are awesome folks. They keep in touch. They introduce their friends to each other. They send letters of introduction when they can’t be there in person, “Hey! My friend Sam’s moving to (whatever city). Think you could show him around when he arrives?” “Hey! My friend needs to learn how to edit video. Any chance you’d have time to meet up and show them a couple tricks?” And everyone does. Because they know whoever Jon knows is going to be just as cool as he is and totally fun to meet.

Born and raised in South America, he’s also spent a lot of time in Europe. He knows a crap ton of people all over the world.

Me: I’m getting laid off soon. And I should have my passport even sooner.
Jon: You should travel.
Me: Duh. I plan to. But where to GO?!
Jon: Mexico?
Me: Ehhhh. I’m not really feeling in the mood to get abducted and ransomed.
Jon: How about Panama?
Me, mouth an O, eyebrows up: Ooooh. Panama. Yeah. Maybe there. Is it safe?
Jon: Yeah, mostly safe. Just let me know. I’ve got friends there who could find you a great beach rental for cheap and show you around.

Well damn.

It’s all I’ve been thinking about for seven whole days now. Fruit! Beach! A month by myself to read books, paint, write, speak Spanish, and get home sick! I’m getting sunburnt just talking about it.

Ever been? Is it awesome?


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