I have this great DSLR camera that I love. With three lenses that do everything I need them to do. Of course there are other lenses I covet just for the novelty, but those three have the bases covered. The rest I can rent or borrow.

I took about a million pictures of my youngest nephew’s first haircut last month. I’m pretty sure one or two turned out.

I was gearing up for the Philadelphia Flower Show this past weekend, and I wanted to make sure all my batteries were charged and memory cards were emptied. And kept getting an ERR message. Fuck.

I tried other memory cards. Tried all the lenses. Nothing.

Pulled out the cleaning supplies and cleaned the lens contacts on the body…cleaned the contacts on all the lenses. Still nothing. Bigger fuck.

All I can think is that there’s a shit ton of baby hair inside my camera that snuck in when I changed lenses at the hair place. I think I’mma have to drop it at a place to get it cleaned. Hoping that’s all it is.

So I had to do the Flower Show with nothing but my phone camera. While not ideal, my phone doesn’t do a terrible job.

We went to hang out with the butterflies. And man I would’ve loved to have gotten some fabulous close-ups of those guys. They’re gorgeous. We got to hold them and feed them. They were just floating around, landing on hair and jackets and hands. feeding butterflies

Maybe it was better I didn’t have the awesome camera. I would’ve spent more time taking pictures than enjoying that crazy childhood-joy experience. Magic can still happen in life. You’ve just got to let it.

I enthusiastically welcome magic and joy into my life. I order it from Amazon occasionally. Like last week. Realizing that all my good intentions of organizing, choosing, and printing my digital photos to frame have come to naught…..I decided to finally buy that “polaroid” (Fuji) camera I’ve been eyeing for the last few months.

The first camera I ever had was a Polaroid my granny bought me after a day of helping her at her volunteer job at the thrift shop. The sound the film makes popping out of the camera? Pure 7 year old joy.


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