I was never much of one for New Year’s resolutions. I like to make stupid resolutions instead, so I can give fun answers when people ask, “so what is it this year?”

In 2010, I probably took a cue from some movie that was going around at the time, and resolved to “say yes to things.” Which I did. And ended up in some pretty cool places, a couple shady places, and in a little more debt. Buuuuut things like that are usually worth it in the end. Dog sledding on a glacier in Iceland? Check!

Three years ago was a real one: I quit smoking.

And last year, one of the most useful: to finish all the shampoos, conditioners, and soaps under my bathroom sink before buying anything new. Other than the tiny travel sized ones, I have completed the task! All the half bottles, quarter bottles, three quarter bottles – gone. And if they’re not gone, they’re currently in the shower being transformed into gone. Bam. Gettin’ shit done.

This year? No idea. I’d like to make things. Maybe I’ll choose to make something new each month. Or spend the entire year working towards one creative creation. The year’s a blank canvas. It can be whatever the fuck I want it to be. What about you? What’s it going to be THIS year?


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