Setting Fire

Our kitchen has been demolished. We have no counters, no sink, no ducts. It’s completely empty.

 this is our kitchen

Since I have no oven to bake in, and no stove to cook on, I’ll be getting a little creative with eating for the next month and a half. 

I grilled bacon yesterday for the first time. And started a wonderfully outrageous fire inside the grill. Right. Grills use fire. No biggie. 

But this one was HUGE. Having to reach through the flames made it a little tricky to get the food back off the grill (good thing I have long tongs). But my bacon was delicious. So really, it was all worth it. 

Note to self: put some foil under it next time so the grease doesn’t fall in. 

After dinner, we were jonesing for dessert. I had intended to make one last apple crumble before they took my oven, but managed to be out of the house all day Sunday and missed my opportunity. But what you can do in an oven, you can do on the grill, yeah?

My bro-in-law bakes grill-style often enough that I know it’s possible. So I just tossed everything in a cast iron pan, shoved it on the grill for about 15 minutes, and bada-BING! Probably the most delicious crumble I’ve ever made. We ate it so fast there wasn’t even time to take a picture. 

Expect many more fun food times to come. 


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