Painting Pretty Pictures

If you hadn’t noticed, I decided to DO things this year. This includes: all the things I always wanted to do and have been putting off, waiting for…whatever it is I’ve been waiting for. Dumb. Don’t wait! It won’t become more fun just because you do it later. (And don’t wait for your friends to join in if they don’t like the same shit you do. Go make some extra friends when you’re out doing what you like.) 

So along with the sailing lessons and the ballet classes, I wanted to paint. There was a perfect opportunity when a local vineyard had a painting class the last weekend in June. I haven’t painted anything but bowls and tea cups since about the 8th grade (that’s um….a while ago). And wine + paint = what could be better?

I like to choose beautiful places, beautiful spaces. Welcome to Penns Woods Winery:

Penns Woods Winery

The weather was perfect, the staff at the winery was super, and the ladies teaching the class were also quite lovely. They came out from a place called Canvas Mixers. Gave good instructions, were fun, came around with lots of help if we needed it, and were always ready with more paint. 

A little background (and a glass of wine):
first layer

We’ve got stems (these were my best parts! And then they got covered by all the petals anyway…):
it's got stems

After the stems, I got too into the painting bit and forgot to take pictures. There was wine, ya know. And good company. 

So this is pretty close to the finished product. I think I took a couple more swipes at it:
my neighbors

All dried and finished at home, we’ve got: SUNFLOWERS!
ta da



Not bad for a first-time-in-years attempt.

The women I shared a table with were pretty awesome. Glad that’s the bunch we got.

The people-watching was groovy. Lots of folks hanging out picnicking on the lawn, or checking out the tasting room. Bikers, young ladies, and families! Oh my! I told my parents we need to go back and just relax sometime soon. Maybe get the cheese plate. Mmmmm. Cheese.


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