And things quickly went from “what do we wear to a sailing lesson?” to “how are we going to survive on a desert island?!”

Dude. There aren’t even any desert islands around here. I doubt our little Three Hour Tour (why does anyone make sailing lessons FOR THREE HOURS? Did they learn nothing from Gilligan’s Island?) will get blown that far off course that we will need to worry about this. I’m pretty sure we’re not even leaving the by. But all I can think about now is how much food and survival gear to pack in my bag for when we go. 

Oh. And side note: I had dinner with a few old friends last night, and one of them was like, “sailing lesson? now way! I’d love to do that.” 

Well, Jeff, then you should come! “Really?” YES! Of course. 

So now I have a partner in crime for my upcoming adventure, and I’m looking forward to it even more. 

I love that the group of us turned it from what to wear…to Gilligan’s Island (we’re missing a Skipper and a Gilligan – any takers?)…to Survivor Season 97….to Jaws VII. To finally end up with dropping off the edge into the void. Aaaaand silence. 

I wish our lives allowed us to get together more often. The laugh fests that go on when we’re all together are much better exercise than going to the gym. Great friends are golden. 


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