Maryland: The New Pennsylvania

Before April, I can’t remember the last time I was in Maryland to do anything other than pass through.

Now that Telly lives down there, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of it.

We didn’t have any big Memorial Day plans as a family, and since I’ve gotten very much in to hiking over the last year or so, I made the decision to go down to the trails by Conowingo Dam and check it out. I used to drive by all the time, and my new thing is to stop at all the places I always passed by.

Conowingo is right over the PA border into MD.

Conowingo Dam

Since Telly’s in MD, I figured I’d see if he wanted to come.

He did.

telly's back

Conowingo just happens to be about halfsies between us, so it was pretty perfect. We met up mid-morning and made an afternoon of it.

They have a paved trail that opens into a couple wooded dirt trails. We ended up walking the whole paved trail up and back – about 2+a bit miles each way. Then taking about a 2 mile loop through the woods. flutterby

The weather was great. 70 and sunny with a little breeze. There were boats out on the river. (Sadly…no boats in my picture.) There were many, many people out enjoying the day, which I love to see.

Susquehanna River

There are SO MANY TREES down there. I mean…back home, we have a lot of vegetation. But almost the entire trail down there was just so thick with trees, I don’t think I was in the sun for more than ten whole minutes out of the entire five hours. Big shout out to that strip of nature from a very pale person! You’re lovely.

into the woods

And one very special tree:

name tree


With names aaaaaaaall over it.

names up close


Makes you wonder if any of those love birds are still together….






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