Charm City gets RESULTS.

So I went down to Maryland this weekend to visit my friend and run a race. It’s like they knew I was coming, because they brought a turtle along just for me (I love turtles):



So we ran. And they gave us FANCY shirts. And I didn’t die. Or walk (except for that 7 seconds through the water station so I didn’t choke). Or fall into the harbor. Always a plus. And there was a guy halfway through who was like, “I wanna see a biiiig smile ::pause:: for the photographer right around the bend. That’s perfect! But do it again in like 20 seconds!” Dude. I totally wasted the good smile on YOU. I didn’t even see the photographer. We’ll see how that worked out when they post the link.

Telly and I walked around the harbor later and I was like, “wait. Is this where we ran?! That little piece of bridge looks familiar.” Everything looked brand new to me. I should probably stop looking at the ground so much.

So – 1:10:and some seconds. I’ll have to double check, but I think that’s my PR for a 10k. I need to work on my speed. Although. I still beat 25% of the participants. I feel good about it. Hitting an even hour would be very cool. I think that’ll be my new goal.

That was a really great run. A bunch of the cops along the way holding off traffic were really awesome. Cheering us on and being funny. The volunteers, too! I always appreciate the people who come out for HOURS to watch and participate in this boring stuff (I say that, but when I’m the crowd, it’s not really boring for me then, either).

Tons of food and beer and nice people were there after the race. Wow, the people. These Maryland running folk are really different than my home town folks in a great way. We’re half New England-y and not so outgoing. But these guys talk to strangers like they’re pros. I loved it.

And I always GET a beer after races when it’s there, but I don’t really understand it. I mean…3000 half-dehydrated people and you’re giving them ALCOHOL? Hmm. Sketchy.


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