On a complete side note to the running, I’ve been thinking about gingerbread almost non-stop for an entire week now.

I want to build a gingerbread house. Now. I mean…not “right this second” now, but more like “I don’t want to wait for Christmas to do this” kind of now.

But then I think, “oh that would sort of be a pain in the butt. Maybe I could just make some cookies instead? Or at least cookies to eat while I’m designing all my house pieces. Yes. Cookies are quite nice. Especially those really soft ones I made in the toaster-oven when the oven-oven was busted. What did I do with that recipe…?”

And then I looked through all my emails of recipes that I send to myself so I’ll never lose them, and I couldn’t find it, so I can only assume that I PRINTED IT OUT (who does that?) and put it in my recipe folder. Please cross your fingers that that’s exactly what I did. Because that recipe was pretty bangin’, and I would hate to have lost it.

But when I was at my sister’s place over the weekend, I saw their Gingerbread House books and wasn’t sure if I was just seeing them because I already had gingerbread on the brain, or if it was because the universe is trying to tell me that I’ll make the world’s best GB house. All I have to do is try. Hmm.


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