Charm City, yo.

I hated running my whole life. But then I turned 30 and felt like crap and knew something needed to change. So…running.

A friend of mine had run for years, and we had similar work schedules at the time, so we’d go running through town at about 1am after we got done work, changed, etc. We’d just go two or three miles..nice slow jog through the borough.

I started off with 5k races. Then slowly moved on to running 4 and 5 mile races. Then got fairly serious about running last year. Started a training schedule. Like…a real one. Ran six miles for the first time around April. And every distance after that was the farthest I’d ever run before. Pretty snazzy feeling. I ran a half marathon last September with my sister (didn’t even walk a STEP). Also a pretty snazzy feeling.

I ran a handful of times through October, November and December. It was a slow trickle, then I kinda stopped. I figured I never needed to get off the couch again after that half. HAHAHA. Oh Lauren.

My friend moved to Maryland in December and is no longer around to kick my ass on a regular basis. On the random weekends he comes back to town, we run. Aaand it is both painful and fun. I actually LIKE to run now. Weird.

We decided to sign up for a race in Maryland so I can have a reason to come visit. I’ve been trying to get my butt in gear the last few weeks (months, really…but the treadmill SUCKS and I hate it and it’s not real running, so the real stuff has only been the last month or so out on the roads), and I think I’m mostly ready. This weekend is the Charm City 10k. I’ll be heading down tomorrow so we can catch up for a bit and I can see his city.

I’m excited to be bibbed up again in something more than 3.1. And the cool ass pro-like thermal zip-up whatever shirt thing that they do is also half my reason for signing up. So. VERY excited.

Lemme know if you’ll be there. We can breathe hard and drink water together.


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