Baby’s First Ballet Shoes

Baby's First Ballet Shoes

I’m a big, big believer in trying new things.
If I could make a job of it, I would jump at the chance. I really enjoy pushing my boundaries and finding out what I’m capable of.

My new year’s resolution in 2010 was to say yes to stuff because I had a bad habit of saying no. Or worse, “maybe.” Ew.
I ended up going to Iceland to go dog sledding, meeting really interesting people, finding out what carpaccio is, going on spontaneous adventures, finding beautiful new music, helping raise children, and dying my hair some majorly funky colors. It was a great year.

The point of all that being: I decided to go with the ballet class. And looooved it. I am, once again, really glad I tried something new and different.
I thought I was going to suck it up big time, but it turns out I am somewhat capable. I signed up for the whole 8 week deal, and really want to practice the things I learned this week so I can be better next time. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

Things I learned:
I’m a good mimer. (Okay. I already kinda knew that.)
Not so good at spinning or spotting. (Probably not good at spinning BECAUSE I’m not good at spotting.)
Also not so good at executing combinations of many things.

Note to self: work on thigh strength. Your thighs are WEAAAK!


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