Oh Kindle, you have spoiled me. (aka it’s Monday morning and this makes no sense)

I’ve gotten so used to the automatic dictionary on my kindle that I get frustrated when I’m reading an article online and can’t just click on a word to get a definition. 

(I know. It takes about four extra seconds to copy the word, look it up in another tab, and get back to the original scene of the crime. But…that’s so. much. more. than one tap.)

And now I love my Kindle so much I feel bad that I hated on e-readers for so long. Sorry, e-readers!


PS – why do people use words like subterfuge and quixotic? Nobody knows what they mean! They just nod and smile and pretend like they know, while thinking you’re a full of yourself jerk the whole time. 

PPS – I was an English major, and I love words, and I used to look things up all the time. I don’t really hate people who use big words. I’m just angry at myself for getting stupider over the years. I’m working on that by playing words with friends and reading dictionaries so I know more words and will be ready when I have the right tiles. And by the way? How often do you get the tiles for “zygote” but HAVE NOWHERE TO PLAY IT?! Dicks.  

PPPS – I also feel like I should give my Kindle a real name because I have become so fond of….it? Her? Him? I’m not sure yet. I guess I shouldn’t give it a name until I’m sure of its gender. 


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