Dance Like…..You Know What You’re Doing

I’ve been wanting to take a dance class for a long ass time. I took some random Free-In-The-Student-Union hip hop class in college, and it was super fun. But we didn’t learn all that much, and the teacher decided to skip out on us after about three classes.

Ballet was one of those things that I wanted to try ever since I was a little girl (starting when that was all the other little girls in school would talk about). My parents weren’t loaded, but they always had us involved in sports. I tried gymnastics (and suuuuuucked). Then swimming and diving. And ended up with a serious love for volleyball (where I was actually halfway decent).

But with three kids in the family, there wasn’t enough money for any of us to do more than one thing at a time. Or enough time for more than one thing at a time. So we never danced. But I’ve got enough rhythm and coordination that I think I wouldn’t make a fool of myself.

I saw a mid-morning adult ballet class at a studio in town a couple years ago. I went in to sign up and they were like, “uh…there was pretty much nobody interested. Except you. So…we’re not going to have that class.” Ooookay. Guess that’ll happen when you work second shift.

In January I started the search again and found a studio kind of close by that was offering a couple classes – but it was Wednesday, the classes had started that week, and all the ones I wanted to take were either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Balls.

Their spring classes start next week. I’m going to sign up. But now I can’t decide what to take. Ballet or hip hop? Hip hop or ballet? Any pros or cons y’all can throw at me for either one?

I’ll update you once I turn myself into a decision maker…



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