I’m not sure if it was the daylight savings change about two weeks ago or what, but I’ve been loathing waking up recently. I haven’t had this hard a time since I switched to first shift six months ago. Once I’m up, everything’s cool. But there’s been a lot of confusion on first eye-opening.

It stuck around a little longer this morning.

I have one of those fancy little weekly pill holders for my B12, fish oil, and so on. I looked at it this morning and almost fa-REAKed out, “oh shit. I took two days of pills one day this week.” Which isn’t so good (when I started taking the fishy oil I was getting nose bleeds because I was taking two every day – which seems to be too much for me). I was a little worried I might start bleeding randomly at some point during the day, so I skipped today’s pills.

Well guess what? Today is not Wednesday. Today is Thursday. And my little pill holder knows more about the days of the week than I do. And now I’ve missed my vitamins.

Stop talking me out of my daily routine, head friend. It was working just fine!


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