72 Pounds

72 Pounds

After Allegra went over-the-counter a few years ago, I decided I was done with pills and started getting local raw honey to help with my allergies. We have a whoooole bunch of orchards, farmers’ markets, produce stands, and health food stores around my town, so it’s almost always available somewhere.
I’d eat a spoonful every day, and it really helped. Then I started putting it in my tea sometimes because it had a really nice flavor.
Then the whole family started putting it in their tea, so we had to buy bigger jars. And more jars.
Slowly, our little obsession has grown big. Last summer my mom and I bought a case of 3lb jars from the produce stand. I think we bought out all they had left.
We finished the last of the jars about a month ago and have been patiently waiting for the stand to open for the season so we could get more. (we had OTHER honey, but…right. We are snobs and other honey just won’t do.)
Then we were tired of waiting and decided to email Walt (of Walt’s Swarmbusin’ Honey) to see if we could stop by the farm (apiary? I’m not quite sure what they prefer to call their place) and pick up a metric shit tonne of raw honey.
They said yes! So mom and I headed out to the apiary over the weekend and picked up all this deliciousness. Seventy. Two. Pounds. We’re hoping it will last about a year. I think it will be close, but we might have to stop by the produce place to pick up an extra jar just to cover our asses.
She gets that shifty look when she’s out of the good stuff. You know the one I’m talkin’ about. Same as the one I get when we’re out of chocolate.


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