Fixin’s Fun

I took a few days off from work last week to do some fun things and relax a little.

My friend Joe and I went skiing. Well. He snowboarded. I skied. (side note: does anyone think that “skied” looks all wrong for the past tense of ski? All I can think of is the sky.) My snowboarding skills are probably a tale for another day. And the whole ski trip is sort of a tale for another day. Unless this story ends up being short. In which case? BONUS!

What I REALLY want to tell you is about is a little place called The Roy Rogers at the Pennsylvania Turnkpike Rest Stop. I had no idea that they still existed until Joe made me stop so he could get coffee. And I saw it like a little beacon glowing across the lobby.

When I was a kid, my sisters were hardcore into gymnastics, and my parents became part of whatever we were a part of, so they joined the booster club and went to all the meets and…if you know anything about the gymnastics world: IT’S NUTS. Every weekend, all the time.

The booster club met one Thursday a month for approximately forever. And I know this part sounds pretty strange, but they met in the basement conference room of the local Roy Rogers. Yep. RR had conference rooms. What fast food joint do you know of that would do that now?!

So the parents would pick us all up from practice and caravan over to Roy’s. They would buy us food, set all 10 of us girls up at a table, then proceed to their meeting downstairs, leaving us alone. 10 girls ages 8 to 13 or so. Left to our own devices.

They had (and STILL HAVE!) a Fixin’s Bar. Ketchup, mustard, horseradish, y’know. The usual. So when we were finished eating, we’d gather all our supplies. Mix up all the fixin’s with some dribbles of milkshake and soda, bits of fries and hamburgers, a rip of lettuce, a pickle or two…..and then squeal and giggle for twenty minutes daring each other to eat the concoction. YEARS of this, and I don’t think anyone ever ate any of it.

Right. So when I walked into the rest stop and saw Roy Rogers, that whole wave of memories just carried me away. I took some pictures with my phone so I could share the moment with Kristin:

Roy RogersRoy Roger's Fixin's Bar


Her response? “I haven’t seen one of those in forever.” and “I think of pickles when I see it!”

Darn right. 


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