Death and Taxes

I’ve already filed my taxes, received and spent my refund. That’s what happens when your mother is an accountant. Sorry…when your mother is a CPA.

But I’m still pretty sad about the fast approaching end of Tax Season.

Why’s that? Simple.

We’ve got this place in my town called Liberty Tax. Not sure if they have them all over the country or not, but I like their style. They dress these guys up in a Statue of Liberty cap and gown, hand them a sign, and send them down to the sidewalk to wave at traffic.

Granted there’s always a dud there at some point during the week, but 90% of them are without question: SUPER! I honk, or wave…or honk AND wave. They always wave back. Some give the touchdown finger point over my way. A few bop around dancing on the sidewalk because they seem to just be enjoying life.

It’s the highlight of my commute.

I’m not ready for tax season to end. Not ready at all.


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