My Darling Valentine

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I asked Erin if Des needed anything. Anything at all.

Her answer was immediate. Windshield wipers.

Easy peasy. I can do that!

So I went to the local Pep Boys, picked out the right wipers, purchased them, and tossed them in my car. Then I went to the florist and asked for a box and a bow. You know those tall white boxes that Movie Flowers come in, right? Yeah. One of those. The florists looked at me like I was a jerk, so I told them it was for WINDSHIELD WIPERS. Their faces lit up. They thought I was going to buy cheap-o flowers at the grocery store and pass them off as high class. Psht. I am way more creative than that, ladies. 

valentinesbox  valentineswipers

Fast forward to last week: since I was thinking of Valentine’s Day, I asked Des how the wipers were working out. She gave me that shifty look. “You never even put them on, did you?”

No. She never put them on. So this year as my gift to her, I taught her how to change her windshield wipers. And she learned that it wasn’t too stressful or out-of-her-league difficult, nor super time consuming.

And now I feel all smug about myself. I mean..what gift is better than empowerment?
(Chocolate? Quite possibly.)(No. Love. Definitely love.)


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