Young Grasshoppa

Young Grasshoppa

I love to try new things.

But…if I happen to not be good at this new thing right away, or I struggle a bit with understanding it? I get frustrated and don’t want to keep up with it.

But if I have a knack for something? And kind of enjoy it? I’ll put all my time and effort into getting really good at it.

I consider myself a decent baker. My friends and coworkers would most likely consider me above average. I just follow recipes, and things turn out.

My friend gave me a book of pies for my birthday a while back, and I was looking through the other day for something new and exciting and saw these jar pies. I like things that can travel.

The grasshopper pie was on the cover, and it just looked really freakin’ divine in that moment.

So I wrote up a grocery list and took off.

I’m really good at baking, right? Apparently not so good at no-bake baked goods. Stupid things in double boilers and saucepans. This is COOKING. This is not baking.

Custard consistency? Pudding consistency? Soft peaks? What are these things? I don’t eat that stuff. I have no idea. (Okay..soft peaks I know. For eggs. But not for cream.)

I followed the times, and what was supposed to be pudding-like in 5 minutes ended up play-dough like in 5 minutes. I think I passed pudding at 3 minutes.

Soft peaks shouldn’t have taken 15 minutes in the mixer. But they did. And then when I went to fold the cream into the..ahem..pudding, it did not combine well. So in a bout of Fuck It, I just tossed it all back into the mixer and let the whisk have at.

Who knows if it tastes right. And who really cares?* It looks pretty, doesn’t it?


*I totally care if it tastes right. I’ll vote for taste over looks every time.
I don’t want to try my pie at all just in case it DOESN’T taste dreamy. Then I can’t fool myself into thinking it might have. And I can’t trust my dad, ’cause he’d just be like, “it’s GREAT!” no matter what. That man.


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