The Pen Is

Last week, I was sitting at my desk at work thinking, “FUCK this pen. It never writes. I need a new one.”

I would’ve asked my boss for a new one, but all the pens at work are the same, and they all suck. So I knew I’d have to stop on my way home and just grab a pack of pens. No biggie. I use pens at home, too. They wouldn’t go to waste.

“I’ll stop at Staples on my way. They’ll have exactly what I’m looking for. Ohhhh. And they’ll have PAPER! I can buy a new pad. A calligraphy one. Or a new journal. Or…paper.  No! Y’know what? I’ll just go to that stationery shop in town and see what kind of pens THEY have.”

I have this small (okay, maybe large) fondness…weakness..passion for stationery.

Then I gave another, “ohhh,” but this one was about four octaves lower.

“You don’t need it.” That friend in my head is always talking shit. “You already have journals. And a brand new calligraphy pad that you NEVER used. And more thank you cards than you will ever use in your lifetime.”

Yeah? So? Maybe I need sympathy cards, or blank cards. Or…okay. You might be right, head friend, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look around, right?

Because I can ever just look around. Head friend is right. This time.

So I settled on stopping at Kmart since I needed toothpaste. And I picked up a 10 pack of Bic pens for $2 that will last me the next two years.

(And then scooped a little tiny notebook that I can write my to do lists on.)

What? You never needed a to do notepad..?




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