Testing, Testing.

bondalicious-optometristI went to the eye doctor yesterday. I’ve been seeing the same doctor since I was tiny. My parents used to have dinner parties with Les and his wife way before I was even born. 

He’s fantastic.

The lady who works in the office (whose name I can’t ever remember) did my preliminary tests. I’m not sure if I was just having a really hard time concentrating, or I was too busy replaying Bill Cosby taking a hearing test in my head, but I failed my field of vision test. Twice. I really tried the second time.

Les wasn’t that worried. I passed with flying colors the last time I took it, and the other tests he did yesterday didn’t come up with anything. But I still have to go back for The Extended Test in two weeks. That should be interesting. I’ve never done it before. 

Then that eye dilating thing. I always feel like such an asshole after I get that done. I scheduled my followup with the dude at the desk and he was like, “you want me to write you an appointment card?”

“Uh…no, thanks. But could you look on my phone calendar to make sure I put the right date and time in, please? I can’t see a thing.”

And proceeded to hold things three feet away from my face and squint at them with one eye shut for the remainder of the evening. 





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